the moments that make up our days // october 2013

So I got this idea from Shanna over at Food Loves Writing. The idea is to show you what my everyday looks like and to remind myself of the beauty that fills all my days. My goal is to do this once a month on the 10th day of each month.

Yesterday: Thursday, October 10, 2013

8:30 am // my day already well on its way, I parked by bike at Lea's house to walk with her to an info. meeting/coffee for Teach For America //

11:30 am // just to give proof that I wore cute clothes to school... which NEVER happens. I felt all professional going to a 'big girl' meeting, packing my breakfast, and wearing a dress. Except, note to self, bikes and dresses don't really work. 

2:00 pm // good ole italian homework at my messy desk.

3:30 pm // my drive out to North Oconee High School, most every day. I love old barns in grassy fields, I love the south, and the country sure is growing on me. 

5:30 pm // after cross country practice... the wonder that is the sky. the warmth that is the sun. 

6:40 pm // friends. a mattress on the ground. Dory as the best Russell i've ever seen and her sweet boyfriend as the old man from "Up" for our famous couples date night.

8:30 pm // my first corn maze experience out in Bogart, Georgia.

9:30 pm // at the end of the hay ride. from left to right: the old man, Russell, Mario, Luigi

11.30 pm // our break from boogy'in on the dance floor. mint chocolate chunk for me. coffee, coffee, buzz buzz buzz for him.

Yesterday was a good day. Full of laughter, dreaming, and beauty.

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