I did it!

I graduated from high school.
I got my diploma.
And to my surprise I had a little star next to my name indicating "with honors" in the graduation program.

I realized that I should be proud of myself. I made it through with flying colors. Graduating is a commendable thing and I did it!

It was almost two weeks ago and it still has not hit me that it is all over with. My mind has been enveloped in the sweetness of summer time, which is a quite lovely thing.

I'm working at the cutest little bakery ever, grilling veggies like its my job, exercising because it feels good (hot yoga is my new favorite thing), reading this awesome book, and trying to just fully embrace this season of my life.

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  1. Yes, you DID IT! you did it with integrity; you did it with heart; and you did it with honor. Truly a model for all of us.
    Love you