the last times...

They say "all good things come to an end" but, I am not sure that I'm convinced.

In the past month I have done a lot of things for the last time.
I went to the last day of high school. I played my last lacrosse game. I wore my school's uniform for the last time. I went to our last All-School Closing chapel service.
And that is just the beginning of "the lasts".

A lot about my life right now is good: the community I am apart of, the people I go to school with, the friends I have, the opportunities I have been given. Those are all wonderful things that I have been blessed during my high school years. And the truth is, a lot of that is coming to an end. The season of my life is about to change.

I could not be more ready and excited most days. Other days the change that is coming overwhelms me. Change can bring storms of uncertainty, fear, and confusion. But the good news is that I am never alone. He will always be in the passenger's seat, weathering the storms right by my side.

"Take courage when the road is long. Don't ever forget, you are never alone. I want you to live forever. Underneath the sky, so blue"- Drew Holcomb

College T-shirt day!

Senior Occupation Day (I am the fortune teller on the right)

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