and I'm back!

It has been over a month, I know. But you only wrap up your high school years once. So I have been totally soaking up the present and not worrying about much else. I decided to take a little hiatus from my blog for a couple of reasons: to get inspired again, remember why I want to write here in the first place, and primarily because I just did not have time. For the month of April I was blogging everyday for my senior project over on Wordpress, which made me realize how much better I like Blogger!

Anyways, I am back and planning on sticking around.

A little bit of my past month or so... (spring time at its finest)

1. simple dinners composed of farmer's market vegetables eaten outside
2. Booger sun-bathing
3. getting my hands dirty on a couple of organic vegetable farms
4. senior prom!
5. college t-shirt day
6. senior occupation day... I was a fortune teller if you can't tell :)

I cannot believe I graduate high school in less than 2 weeks.
Bittersweet indeed.

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  1. thank goodness!! ive been waitin for an update!
    congrats on finishing up with school!

    love you and miss you lots!!