Checking in + Daydreamin'

I have been so absent from writing here for the past couple of weeks for a few reasons...

1. Tomorrow is my last day of normal high school and the next month will be devoted to my senior project. Each week I will be clocking in 36 hours, working for Red Queen Tarts (a cute little one-women-run business that makes delicious handmade toaster pastries filled with local organic fruits). My high school years are coming to an end oh so quickly and it is becoming bittersweet. So because of all this I have been trying to soak up my last days at school, while keeping my GPA up so I qualify for a scholarship next fall!

2. I have been reading a lot of blog posts about "being an authentic" blogger, which has caused me to question why I even have a blog. The whole idea is kind of funny. Why does my life interest anyone? Who cares what I bake in my kitchen late at night? How many people even read this? I don't really know any of these answers. I do know that I want my posts to have more depth to them. I want to teach y'all something, or challenge you to think about something, or inspire you even. More purpose in my words, gives you more of a purpose to read them.

3. Lacrosse has been pretty exhausting the past couple of weeks. We had 4 games last week and two games this week. I come home late and tired, and the last thing one my list is writing a post.

With all that being said I hope to write more this next month, but who knows how this senior project is going to mix up my schedule.

Now onto the daydreamin' that I've been doing in the midst of all this stuff going on. It has been a little escape for me, a chance to remind myself of the things that make me feel happy, excited and blessed. We were all told in elementary school to "focus, pay attention, and get out of la-la land!" but I am here to say that daydreamin' keeps me more sane than a lot of other things. Breathing is sometimes easier in la-la land. We all need breaks, and my mind is a good place to take one once in while.

I have been daydreaming about going back to Charleston and living there, about doing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk this fall, about climbing the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro this summer, about moving to a whole different place in a few months, about walking across the stage at graduation, and about waking up at the crack of dawn to bake pastries so very soon!

Charleston dreamin'...

Happy dreaming

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