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We were running, not talking all that much. As usual, I was trying to create conversation by pulling random questions out of my head hoping that they would generate more than one word answers…

“Do y’all remember where you were on 9/11?” was what came out of my mouth as our feet were rhythmically hitting the dirt trail.

After what seemed like a quick thought process a solid “No” came from my two high school friends. Then I responded with my story, thinking that more conversation would branch off of what I said…

I was soon interrupted: “Wait, isn’t today September 11th?”
“Wait, what, oh my goodness… is it?” I asked, as I frantically looked for the hazy numbers on my watch indicating the date.
“Yeah. Yes it is. September 11, 2013. That is so crazy, I was literally not thinking about that at all.”

We went on to talk about how the two of them were only 3 years old on that tragic day. I explained to them my vivid memory of sitting in my second grade classroom as my teacher started to cry, revealing the weight of the pain in this world. I searched in my brain for more of that day, but most of it was blurred and scarred with the confusion I felt as a 7 year old living in a world that got really dark, really quick.

Today though, I was shocked by the relevance of the question that came out of my mouth. There was zero bone in my body that was aware of today being September 11th. I had no inkling that my question would make sense to be asked today. The only explanation I can come up with is that something other than myself led me to that question.

Pretty cool huh? It’s pretty cool that my thoughts were not my own this morning, that the Lord is sovereign at all times and works in the details, that when we let Him lead He teaches us.

Let Him lead. Just follow... Just follow Katie. 

Boy, am I eating that up today.

Families of 9/11, you are on my heart. I know that today may hurt just as much as it did 12 years ago.  I am praying for healing, and for peace, and for love. 

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