Passenger's Seat

“I’m with you”.

That’s what I want to be. I want to be the kind of friend that says, “I’m with you” no matter what.

I have a friend that always tells me, “I’m in, Katie. And if I tell you that I’m in. I mean I’m in, for all it of. Lets do this.” I love it. So, so much. Those simple words make me feel loved and at ease. Those words assure me that I someone that will never leave my passenger’s seat. She is with me no matter what.

We all want someone like that, someone who is constant, and all in all of the time. We want someone that will walk into our messiness without making us feel too messy. Someone that we can count on to say, “Yes”.

I believe that we were made with this longing, with this space for someone to fill. But our Creator did not make us this way not having a plan for how to satisfy this longing… this space.

God, in flesh and bones, showed us how to be the kind of friend that says, “I’m with you”. The Holy Spirit is our friend that is always sitting in our passenger seat, even when the roads get really bumpy, and when we drive away from all the good we’ve been given. God is with us. Emmanuel is still all in.

That Truth is worth holding onto.

I got the amazing opportunity to hear Bob Goff speak at my area’s annual Young Life Banquet. Bob Goff wrote Love Does and he talked a lot about how us Young Life leaders DO love. He reminded us how we should take advantage of the role we could play in kid’s lives. I could tell y’all all the awesome things he said but it really is all wrapped up in those three words… “I’m with you”.

Let’s be WITH each other like Jesus was WITH His friends. Let’s be WITH each other like the Holy Spirit is WITH us.

Cause when we do, we will get to see all of it.

I will get to see all of the mess, the scars, the pains, the joys, the adventures, the laughter, and the beauty in the lives of high school girls. I will get to be in the passenger seat, trusting wherever those wheels take me will bring sweetness.

What have we got to lose? 

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