the Giver of good.

We need each other.  This road was not made to be traveled alone.

God blesses us through people. He speaks through people that know Him. He makes himself tangible in the love shared between friends. He is the heartbeat of many of my relationships in college

When our friend suffers, we are called to walk alongside them in that. We are called to give love to them even when they are not in a place to give that love back. Good friends are the ones who stick next to you even when you know you aren’t being a good friend back. I think Jesus was that kind of friend.

The kind that never stops praying for you even when you are running away. The kind that speak truth into you, even when you wish they would agree with the lies you are believing. The kind that cries with you because seeing you in such pain breaks their heart.

I prayed for community 2 years ago.  I prayed for people who would understand me, for people who would rather stay in on a Friday night and bake than hit the town, for people that knew how good freedom tastes.

 He has answered that prayer… in absolute abundance. The people that surround me are jems. They get me. They run towards freedom by my side. We bake cookies and sit by fires. We dance like fools. They know how much Jesus loves them. We pray together. They see me with our Creator’s eyes. It is good. It is sweet.

 …and I am left only being able to kiss the feet of Jesus.

The Giver of all things has graciously given me a new friend in the past couple of months. I like to call her LC It is like I have known her for years but we only met in late fall and we first spent time together in early January. Yet, our stories share a lot of the same twists and turns. We both have witnessed our God’s saving grace. We both want more and more of Him.

She loves me for some crazy reason and I think the world of her. We both know that it is supposed to be. We are supposed to be in each other’s lives because that Holy Spirit inside of us, keeps telling us so. We are sisters under His house.

LC's little hands holding our cookies.
 After being around her I know that I have been with Jesus and that’s the best part.

I pray that LC and I can be good friends to each other. I pray that we will be forever friends and forever get to tell people of how the good Lord brought us together. I pray that when things get hard between us and in life, we will run to you Lord. I pray that I will serve LC out of your love and care for her soul. I pray that I’d be the kind of friend that Jesus was to all who he encountered. I thank you for people in this life. I thank you for my people, the people you have given me along this road that love me because you do. Amen. 

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