Athens at Christmas Time.

I got the pleasure of taking a little trip to the wonderful town of Athens, Ga yesterday with one of my favorite people in this world, Elly. I helped her move out of her apartment since she will be journeying to a far away place next semester. We fixed the door that her dog ate, deeming ourselves construction women. We ate... a lot, it was all delicious. Clocked for lunch, The Grit for dinner, and Jittery Joes for an afternoon pick me up. I can't wait to eat in Athens for the next four years! We roamed around downtown, picking up things here and there. Including a t-shirt, a pullover, and a sticker for my car all bearing the lovely Georgia G on them (assuring my mom they all were early Christmas gifts). We popped into the record store, went to some cute boutiques, and Elly got some last minute Christmas gifts. Neither of us are much of shoppers so we called it a day and headed to Jittery Joes to dream about our futures and eat an apple pie bar- so yummy! Dinner came later, finishing packing came after that, a piece of vegan "chocolate death" cake was consumed, Christmas lights were gazed at, and then we crashed at Elly's friends place. I slept on the most comfy couch ever, it twas nice. 
Clocked! for lunch, the falafel sandwich rocks.

Farm 255 is all about local, organic food :)

The Georgia Theatre, so great.

Cool record store that I didn't catch the name of

Spotted... Beatles records!

The Grit: healthy, delicious, vegetarian food

We got veggie plates. We shared 6 different things, all tasty.

Downtown all Christmas-y, made me smile.
And now it is CHRISTMAS EVE! which is so crazy to me. Time to wrap presents, sing happy birthday to Jesus, make cinnamon rolls from scratch, love on my family, count our blessings and be merry! Whoopee! Have a Very Merry Christmas.


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  1. Thank you for helping me!!! I LOVE sharing Athens with you! {Can't wait til you live there!}

    oh and btw, the record store is called Wuxtry Records :)