walking in NOLA

In New Orleans, you walk. Once you feel like you have walked enough, you walk some more.  I kind of like it that way. Yesterday my mom and I did some serious walking. We took a brisk walk along the river in the morning to get our hearts pumping. After that we walked to Rouses (the neighborhood grocery) to get fixin's for lunch. In the afternoon we walked to the French Market. I tried on Fadoras and I now want to go back to buy one. The whole family walked to one of Josh Besh's restaurants, Domenica, for dinner. It was pretty delicious. It might not seem like a lot of walking, but it really was. I enjoyed every second of it. Things that caught by eye while walking...


Tomorrow we drive home. It has been a short but sweet trip. I'll catch y'all up on what I have been doing today, tomorrow. 
Adieu, Katie-Barry

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