Audubon Park & Cafe Du Monde

The two highlights of my last day in New Orleans were going to the beautiful Audubon Park  and eating oh.so.delicious. beignets at the bustling Cafe Du Monde. In the morning, my mom and I took the St. Charles street car all the way down to the park. St. Charles Avenue has the most lovely old houses I have ever seen. The prettiest place in New Orleans if you ask me. We walked around the big loop in the park and all the while I literally could not stop taking pictures of the trees. I hope you can see why...

Now, tell me those trees aren't a magnificent creation?

The houses.

The street car.
Beignets are of another kind of magnificent creation. The sweet, doughy, messy kind of creation. Here is the family getting messy with these things... and for $2.42 for 3, why not order a batch for each of us?

And a smattering of shots to wrap up our time in New Orleans. 
Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and my plans are still up in the air! But it is still the holiday season so I am gonna say... 
Merry Merry, Katie-Barry

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