And 2012 begins.

Today is the first day of the year two-thousand twelve. I can't believe I am half way through senior year. I can't believe I know where I am going to college next year. I can believe that I am so blessed and loved. I can believe that this year will be a great one, indeed. 

I have decided to begin something this year, that will hopefully become a daily habit. You could call it a "New Year's Resolution" but for some reason that makes seem like it will fade by March. So I am calling it a New Year's habit. I want to spend at least five minutes each day, withdrawing myself from everything to be still and quiet. I want to pray, praise, and sit in these few minutes. This will help me stay rooted through out my day. It will help clear my head and set my eyes on He who is higher than this earth. It will help me to be less rushed, less busy, and more thoughtful. It will do good, and I can use more good in my days this year.

The other New Year's habit I am beginning is creating goals each month. As I was thinking about New Year Resolutions and why they don't work, I came up with the monthly approach. Resolutions tend to fail because they are too intense/big of a change. We get tired and end up forgetting about them or pushing them aside. Goals each month are great because you have one month to accomplish them and focus on them. You don't have such a daunting amount of time ahead of you. The goals are smaller, less intense, and more feasible. So, each month I will set goals for myself. Whether that be physical, mental, or emotional goals, it does not matter. I will not set more than 3 goals a month, so that I am not stretched to thin and do none of them well. I will be posting my goals here at the beginning of each month and will be letting y'all know how I do with them. 
I hope this inspires you to do something like this too!

Here's to wishing you peace, love, blessings, and happiness in the New Year. From my family to yours!


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