January Goals

My goal for January is to change what I eat this month. You can call it a cleanse or a de-tox, but basically I want to challenge myself to change the way I eat for 21 to 28 days. I want to see what it does to my mind and my body. 

Over Christmas break I ate plenty of sugar, plenty of big meals, plenty of bread, and just plenty of food in general, which after a while started wearing on me. I was feeling icky, and saying stuff like "no more sweets!" and "I am so full I can't eat any more today!". You know those days, right? especially over the holiday? Well I'm tired of feeling that way, so Cleanse it is!

As you may know, I love food. But I love food even more when it does good for my body, energizes me, is homemade, tastes good, and is super colorful! This month I am going to eat the kind of food I love the most and Elly is going to join me! 

This first week we have been "pre-toxing" which means eating a little less dairy, sugar, and gluten so when we drop it all this Sunday it will be a little less of a shock to our bodies. Our guidance for this cleanse is Whole Living's 21 Day Action Plan. We are going to follow this plan to the best of our abilities and monitor how we feel. It is a little adventure, hopefully to a land of feeling good! I'll be letting you know what I am eating and how I am feeling. 

Now... back to school time!

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