Monday Mash

Let's be honest, Mondays are hard. You know you are just at the start of a work week or school week and there are 5 days till' the weekend. You might be tired and not so ready to get up and go do your job. Today, I don't really want to be at school. I wanted to sleep in, cook a little bit, clean my room, and play with Booger. I wanted the weekend to last a little longer. But that is just not the way the worlds works. So to help us through these Mondays, i'll be making "Monday Mash" posts. A mash of different things to get you through your Monday. Maybe cheer you up, inspire you, make you laugh, or get your mind off the madness that sometimes comes along with Mondays. 

What adventure to do want to take? Where do you go to breathe and be free?


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