Day 3.

Carrot Ginger and Grapefruit Juice= breakfast source
So it is day numero tres of my cleansing/detox process. Not going to lie, this is hard! Like I have told you, I love food and eating is an exciting part of by day. These past few days have just been changing my relationship with food, which is a good thing I think.

Yesterday (Day 2) was the hardest day for me so far. Day 1, my body was just flushing out all the food I ate over the weekend and still getting energy from what was in my system. But yesterday my body woke up more empty, more flushed, and expecting to get fed its normal breakfast. Well that did not happen. I drank hot water with lemon and then grapefruit, carrot, and ginger juice. Hunger set in about 3 hours later, so I drank loads of water and ate some nuts w/ dried fruit. Stomach growl before lunch and again at 3 o'clock. I felt like I was hunger all day long and that is a really different feeling, when I used to have one stomach growl before lunch. I had a couple of on and off minor headaches during the day, which is an expected symptom.

After school, I did a speed and agility workout (definition: a super intense, medicine ball lifting, suicide running, sled dragging, 1 hour workout that makes you so sore you regret having legs) Which was probably not the best idea considering I am eating way fewer calories than normal, but I felt well enough to finish it, so thats good! I was pretty exhausted at the end and ate a banana as soon as I got in the car. I finally got full at dinner, which kind of felt weird, almost uncomfortable. I felt like I got full way quicker than I usually would, which is also a good thing I guess!?

And today has not been as bad. I had a more sustaining breakfast (smoothie made up of 1 banana, some blueberries, half of an avocado, spinach, and almond milk). I did not get as hungry as quickly and only needed some nuts to tie me over till' lunch. Today I am going to take a walk/run to get the soreness out of my muscles. And right now I am with Elly trying to figure out what we can make for dinner!

Overall, I am glad that I am doing this and the hardest part is almost over (we hope!)
Cheers to vegetables!

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