Day 5.

I have felt wonderfully splendid today! I have felt no crazy stomach growls, I get satisfied quickly, and feel pleasantly energized. I took a break from exercising today, which I think is helping me not feel so exhausted right about now. I am enjoying the food I am eating more and more. My body is getting clean, its a beautiful thing. 

I am still craving a hearty piece of bread, but the idea of eating something super sweet is not appetizing AT ALL- thats pretty amazing considering my sweet tooth. Dried fruit is my new dessert :) I am excited for next week to start, because I get put spoonfuls of beans and lentils into my mouth! Yay! (no, I am not being sarcastic) I LOVE me some beans and lentils. But until then, I will be sticking to my lovely glass of juice in the morning and a smattering of veggies, fruits, and nuts throughout the day.  

Here is one recipe a came up with this week... T'was delicious

Here's to eating clean! Enjoy.

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