February + Goals

daisies are blooming!?
It's already 5 days into February, but it feels like spring! I have not talked about the end of my cleanse, I have not reflected on my January goals, and I have not set new goals for this month. I am beginning to feel like I am failing at this whole blogging thing...

This past week lacrosse started, which makes my nights much shorter, my legs much more tired, and my hands much less busy in the kitchen. I did not manage to get pictures of some of my eats... but its okay cause one recipe author has already taken lovely ones. I made this killer bean and squash soup, that gets better and better over time. I went to Elly's and ate a few too many helpings of a salad with pecans, strawberries, apples, and avocado in it.  I made an accidental Dal (indian lentil dish) with carrots and onions in it, which will be made again for sharing with y'all.

To recap quickly on the cleanse, it was great and I am so glad I did it! Totally challenging but really rewarding. It is nice to practice self-control in a world where most days there is no need to. I successfully cut out dairy, gluten, sugar, and anything processed from my diet for 21 days. This past week I have been slowly adding back these foods into my diet. Sugar is what I can detect most. It makes me feel sluggish and after eating a couple of little cookies yesterday at my lacrosse team retreat, I had a headache. As for dairy and gluten I have not seen much effects. Bread has not bothered me, and the little bit of cheese I have had has not been a problem either. I have not had yogurt yet, and I think that will be a good test for how dairy treats me for breakfast. I have also realized that once I was done with the 21 days, my portion sizes have been creeping back up.

Now that I am done with the official cleanse, I really want to keep my sugar and dairy intake low, keep juicing 2x a week, and watch my portions. So for February goals...
- only 3 desserts a week
-juice 2x week

On the other front of life, in February my goals are to...
-give daily appreciation to my parents
-give my all in lacrosse by being a leader and encouraging the team through hard workouts

Hoping to post more this week!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Go Giants!

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